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Retirement Farm

Retirement is the name given to this farm built in the early nineteenth century by John Taylor.  The home exhibits the design and architecture used to suit the needs and lifestyle of a middle class, slave holding, agricultural family.  The uniqueness of this home lies in how the kitchen and a slave quarters are attached to the main house with a covered breezeway to the side of the main house.  The main house is a classic Federal style home with two rooms over two rooms and a center hall with a stair case.  Construction was completed in multiple stages with the last addition being added in 2002.


The history of this property is much like that of many other southern properties after the Civil War.  The Taylor family fell upon financial hard times, leading to the sale of the farm.  The farm changed hands several times until it was incorporated as an apple orchard in the early 20th century.  As an orchard, it continued to change hands until the 1980’s when the land was sold for development.  Today, the house with only one of the original outbuildings still exists.


The home is under restoration while still serving as a residence.  With all the amenities of modern life, it still has the character and charm of the antebellum south.  As work progresses, more information of the property and those who lived there, will be posted for the gain and preservation of history and Virginia Antiquities.  Although this home may qualify to be on the National Historical Register, it has not been registered at this point as more details of information are still being gathered.  Any comments or information to help in this project of restoration and the research of those who lived there is welcome.

Circa 1826
Augusta County, Virginia